Amaranth / Thotakura Rice

What We Need :

Rice - 1 cup
Amaranth - 2bunchs
Green Chillies - 2no
Ginger Garlic Paste - 1spn
Red Chillies - 2no
Mustard seeds - 1spn
Jeera - 1spn
Garlic cloves - 10 no
Cardomom - 2n0
Cloves - 3no
Cinamon - 1inch

Salt to your taste

How To Do :

  • Cook Rice with 2drops of oil cardomo, cloves, cinamon and enough salt .
  • Seperate amaranth leaves and clean them. Make it a paste with green chillies using a little water.
  • In a frying pan heat 2spn of oil add mustard seeds ones they splutter add jeera, redchillies ginger garlic paste, amaranth paste and a little salt enough for the paste.
  • Fry until oil seperates from the paste. This takes a little more time if you feel that bottom of the pan sticks add a little oil.
  • Ones oil seperates from the paste add cooked rice and toss it well .

 Here is my Amaranth Rice, this is the one usually prepares for diet control of women after their delivery if you are not preparing this on a diet control then you can replace garlic cloves with cashew nuts.........

Sending this  recipe to Variety Rice Recipes  by Srilekha at Me and My Kitchen........