Badam Carrot Halwa

Here i am with badam carrot halwa, which i made this for Udyapana

What We Need :

Carrot - 3 cups of grated carrot
Sugar - 3 cups
Badam - hand full
Ghee - 3 spns

How To Do :

  • Heat pan and add ghee now fry carrot for a few minutes until they become soft.
  • Add sugar to this mixture and stir well until sugar melts.
  • Finely grate or crush badam and add to the above mixture.
  • Let it cook until sugar syrup is evaporated.

 So here is my Badam Carrot Halwa made for Udyapana , even you can add some dry fruits to it for a rich taste , dry fruit like cashew , kissmiss(dry grapes) , chopped badam and so......