Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mango Banana MilkShake

Here am with cool cool mango banana juice .......

What We Need:

Mango - 1 cup pieces
Banana - 1/2 cup pieces
Milk - 2cups ro as per your consistency
Sugar - 1/2 cup can be varied according to your taste

How To Do:

Blend all of them together for a smooth juice.

Serve by adding few ice cubes ......... thanda thanda cool cool mango banana milkshake is ready .........

Here i skipped ice cubes in this as we don't like too cold instead i added some cold milk to them so that its not too cool and also satisfies our taste buds ;)

Bhel Puri

Here am with hot and spicy item for this rainy season .....

What We Need :

Puffed Rice (Muri / Moramora) - 2 cups
Tamarind Chutney - 1 spn
Green Chilly chutney / sauce - 1 spn

Chopped onion , tomato, coriander leaves, sev , fried peanuts, papdi - a fistful these can be changed according to your taste.

Salt, red chillie powder  - to your taste

How To Do :

There's only one procedure for this just keep all ingredients together in a big bowl and mix well with your hand.

I served this bhel puri as topping on salt biscuits just for a change and LO loved them to eat ....

For this recipe there are no specific measurements for any of the ingredient just keep changing according to your taste buds. I have added a little more of tamarind chutney for this as my LO (Little One) loves that taste. And also i replaced Green chutney with sweet chilly sauce so that my LO can enjoy the taste....