Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bittergourd Fry

Here i am with bitter gourd variety can also be called as Kakarakaya Karam Vepudu.....

What We Need:

BitterGourd - 5no
Red Chillie Powder - 3spn
Garlic Pods - 20no
Salt - 3spn
Mustard seeds - 1/2spn
Jeera - 1/2spn
Urad dal - 2spn
Chana dal - 2spn
Curry Leaves - 5springs
Oil for deep frying

How to Do:

  • Slightly peel the bittergourd outer layer with knife, make it to half and slightly slit on one side and peep salt along the bittergourd and keep it a side for half-an-hour. 
  • After half-an-hour take a piece of bitter gourd into hand, using both the palms squeeze the water, by doing like this bitter taste will come out along with salt water. Repeat the same procedure for all the 10pieces.
  • Heat oil for deep frying in a pan and fry these 10pieces until they turn dark brown color on low flame, it takes almost 10-15minutes.
  • Taste the fried bittergourd for salt to be added.
  • Now grind red chillie powder, garlic pods.
  • In a pan heat 3spn of oil add mustard seeds ones they start splutter add jeera, urad dal, channa dal, curry leaves, ones they fry add deep fried bittergourd pieces and grinded red chillies garlic powder and fry for another 5minutes.

Here is my Kakarakaya Karam Fry tasted this as a side dish with sambar rice........
In this you find more Chillie Garlic Powder, you can use this for dippings into Dosa, Idly.......

Thursday, November 11, 2010

BottleGourd in Curd / Anapakaya Majjiga Charu

Here i am with a different combination BottleGourd and Curd also called as Anapakaya Majjiga Charu .......

What We Need:

Bottle Gourd Pieces - 1cup
Curd - 2cups
Onion - 1no small size
Green Chillies - 2no
Dry Red Chillies - 2no
Mustard Seeds - 1/2spn
Jeera - 1/2spn
Methi Seeds - 1spn (optional)
Curry Leaves - a spring
Turmeric Powder - a pinch

Salt to your taste

How To Do:

  • Pressure cook bottlegourd pieces for 2 or 3 vissils or either you can cook it directly. Smash them with a round laddle, no need to make it a paste and keep aside
  • In a bowl for 2cups of curd add 1 or 1 1/2 cups of water and keep aside.
  • In a pan heat 1spn of oil add mustard seeds ones they start splutter add jeera, methi seeds,Curry leaves, split gree chillies, split red chillies, lengthwise chopped onion and fry until onions become transculent add turmeric powder and let it fry for another 1minute.
  • Now add this fried onion and popu to curd bowl and also smashed bottlegourd, season for salt.

Here is my Anapakaya Majjiga Charu serve with hot rice ..........

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunnandalu / Urad Dal Laddu

Hai friends i am back after a month break, as i re-entered my careeer life a little busy in managing the things both Office work and my Little gal so not able to look at my blog, I missed all of my blogging friends :( , anyhow from now onwards i will try to be in touch with all of you, atleast hope me so ..........

By the way A Very Happy Diwali To All Of You ...........

Iam with a sweet item which is this Diwali special Sunnundalu also called as Urad Dal Laddu, Minapa Undalu........

 What We Need :

Urad Dal - 3cups
Sugar Powder- 2cups or can be changed to your taste buds
Ghee - 2cups
Split Chana Dal - 1/2cup

How To Do :

  • Fry Urad dal until its color changes to light brown color, even when its fried a very nice aroma will comes.
  • Fry Split Chana Dal until it turns light brown color.
  • Make them to powder in a mixie and sieve for a smooth powder.
  • Now mix Urad dal powder, split chana dal powder and sugar powder in a wide plate/ dish

  • Heat ghee in a pan until ghee gives bubbles now switch off the flame and add this ghee to powder, now make laddu of your desired shape if you are unable to make laddu add some more ghee to this and again try to make laddu.

 Here are my Sunnandalu very very tasty and healthy too ........